We do organize different tours (for groups and individuals) throughout Georgia. Pick up from Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Vladikavkaz and plan the route for an unforgettable vacation, we already have some routes to offer and we are always ready to include some new points.

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Perhaps Ajaria can rightfully be called the Soul of Georgia - because here lives the most welcoming people on the planet. Everywhere the gardens of tangerines, medlars, kiwi, feijoa and tea plantations. And, of course, the vineyards, because the best Georgian wine is made in Adjara. Here are all natural products - dairy, honey, delicious pastries, vegetables and of course barbecue for true meat lovers. There are countless songs written and legend told about this these places. Adjara is valued, cherished and admired because of its wonderful natural beauty. And all this paradise is washed by the sea.



                                          Excursions in Ajara (mini-van)


We offer unique tours that are made so that you can get to know Adjara with all its treasures - enjoy the architecture, antiquity, mentality, culture, history and magic untouched nature. We will partcipate in local rural life, enjoy the healing mountain water, tasting Adjarian traditional cuisine, wine and chacha in a welcoming family atmosphere.



«Exploring Turkish Border» all day excursion


We will start with brief tour in Batumi then will go to Gonio Fortress, Sarpi, will visit waterfalls, mountains, Khelvachauri, Keda, old church Zvare, mountain rivers - Chorokhi Adzharistshali, Machakhela, reserve of Machakhela, arched bridges, historical and ethnographic museum. Included: Transfer, guide, meals. Full day excursion.


A trip along the southern Black Sea coast to the Georgian-Turkish border and ascent in the mountainous part of Adjara, which has long been prohibited from entering, so nature is preserved in its original form.

1.    You will learn the history of Batumi and see the most beautiful places, we will tell you about the best restaurants, museums and entertainment areas.

2.    Then we will go to Sarpi next toTurkish border. We will see beautiful coast with azure water, mountain, adjacent to the sea, Andrew's waterfall and you will learn about the history of Christianity in Georgia (which appeared in the I century)

3.    On the way we will visit the ancient fortress Gonio Apsaras, in whose territory  the tomb of the Apostle Matthew is located - one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Ancient history Apsaros also closely associated with the legend of the Argonauts.

 4.    And then we go up in the mountainous part of Adjara. In the valleys and Chorokhi Adzharis Tskhali, up in the mountains, there are many ancient villages of Adjara, where is still well-preserved the age-old way of life, where traditions of their ancestors the highly revered and followed. You see beautiful virgin green mountains where beautiful waterfalls, merge many rivers and forests - from subtropical jungle to snowy peaks. You will see beautiful virgin emerald-green mountains with beautiful waterfalls, merging many rivers and forests - from subtropical jungle to snowy peaks. The Highlands of Adjara we will visit the beautiful waterfall Mahuntseti, which is called the most impressive in Adjara. Splashes of crystal - clear water, stunning mountain landscapes and unforgettable aura. Under the waterfall there is a huge stone bowl, created by nature itself for taking curative baths.

We will see the arched bridges of VII century, the ancient church on the mountain in Keda, the interiors of which keeps fragments of primary paintings. The church is located on a steep bank of the turbulent river.


5. We will stop in a very pristine place Machakhela reserve, which enters to the Turkish Biosphere Reserve. There we will visit the rural village, where we will be able to get acquainted with rural life - and see how to grow grapes, tangerines, make wine and cheese, and more. We will taste Ajarian delicious clean food, fresh fish, will drink fresh mountain water, house wine and delicious chacha. All this in a very warm and sincere atmosphere of the Georgian hospitality! On this day you will get to know Georgia all your heart!






Will see Nobel's Museum, Batumi fortress, mountain Mtirala Park, lunch at the park Mtirala walk, waterfall, lake. Included: Transfer, guide, meals. Full day excursion. (The tour involves long walks).


At the end of the 19th century in Batumi (then Porto Franco) was a free economic zone, contributed to the development of the city, its architecture and economy. It was attended by the richest people in the world. Batumi port became a major oil center of the Caucasus. In a private residence of Nobel Brothers now established Museum that is  dedicated to the history and culture of Georgia.

You will see the ancient fortress of Batumi first mentioned by Aristotle, the capital that formed Adjara. It is called Tamara fortress, its flourishing accounted for V century. It was rebuilt and is now a lot of the majestic building when there were some walls on the top of a mountain, offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Some locals believes that this land is mystical and prefers to bypass it. Near the survived fragments of fortress, scenic cleft is gaping in the rock where cold air flows constantly. At the foot of Tamaris-Ciche rangers work and placed a small museum and the Orthodox Church.

Next stop - the wild jungle of the national park Mtiraly (translated as "The Weeping Mountain") - the wettest place Georgia, overgrown with wild subtropical forest. The nature here is preserved from the time of Colchis, we will drive along the turbulent river up the mountain road, immersed in vines, flowering rhododendron, nuts, chestnuts and moss. Upon arrival, we will feast at the restaurant on the river. In the menu, freshly caught trout, farming dishes, tasty wine, and for dessert, chestnut wild honey. Then we will walk to the waterfall.





Healing magnetic Shekvetili Sands, a unique nature reserve Ispani, Petra castle, lunch. Transfer, guide, meals. Full day excursion.

Shekvetili is a resort in the west of Kobuleti, the famous Soviet-era magnetic healing sand, which helps in chronic, women, heart diseases and rheumatism. We will spend half a day swimming, sunbathing and body healthy.

Next we will visit the unique sphagnum peat Ispani - this lake is completely covered by moss, among which grow orchids, lilies, water lilies and insectivorous sundew. We will ride on the moss on special skis, look down from the tower on hundreds of acres of flowering fields. These are lungs of the Earth, an inexhaustible source of oxygen here to breathe and clean our lungs. Under the peat settlements was found that shows that people was living here 5-6 thousand years ago.

On the way back we will visit the fortress of Peter (VI century), built by the Byzantine king. The architectural ensemble is surrounded by greenery, and from top offers a great view on the sea and the entire coast of Adjara. Especially good view of the Batumi and luxury villas on the coast.

For lunch we will go to soulful guest house in mountain, where is a wine cellar, and different varieties of home-made wines and chacha. We will have a master class in cooking khachapuri, a walk through the beautiful grounds with its own orchard and an incredible view of the sea and Batumi. You will love Georgia and Georgians with all your heart!


Also individual tours are possible to Khulo, reserves of Kintrishi and Mtirala (perhaps for a few days with all equipment), Georgia, for example:

Hiking in the mountains

Tourists around the world are very fond of hiking in the high mountains and glaciers of Kazbegi and Svaneti and roads are open only few months of the year, the harsh beauty and inaccessibility. But trips to the mountain of Adjara are truly magic too.

This amazing piece of nature is covered by subtropical forest that resembles a real jungle. full-flowing cleanest river Hundreds of waterfalls, scenic canyons, majestic peaks (the highest mountain of Adjara 2740 m.) - a true "lost world" of pristine beauty.


Dear friends explorers, discover Ajaria,  we are sure that it will not leave indifferent your sensitive and warm hearts!




National Park Kintrishi and Mtirala, "places of power", the ruins of the monastery of the 10th century, the church with holy font, mountain Narusala and alpine hearth-shapped lake "Love", the main Adjara ridge, the highest mountain of Adjara - Taginuri 2740 m above, Alpine. Chin Chao lake, mountain

village in Khulo, Khulo ancient ruins, the famous "Green Lake".

And healing hot springs, waterfalls, the Tree of fortresses, monasteries, stone bridges, and relict nature, which is left on the planet only here, in Ajaria.


During our hikes we will fishing, horseback riding, bird watching, will making friends with the locals. There are also routes with climbing.

We will enjoy good food and wine in the café of lost in the mountains.


Eco tours

Georgia is incredibly beautiful, nature, ecology and is preserved as thousand years ago. And sincere love and care to the guest. Here it is the main wealth!

In the mountainous Georgian people has preserved the ancient wisdom and skills of earth and human friendship, and the simplicity from which we have gone into the cities. Average life expectancy here is 90-95 years !!!! There is definitely much to learn from them J

Here you can see, taste and learn winemaking, production of suluguni cheese, cultivation of tea, tobacco, gardening, apiculture, clay and wood craftsmanship, and much more. Even the local forest is incredibly generous, tasty and healthy – it is full of fruits, berries, chestnuts, medical herbs and flowers J


There are cities in the world where you feel at ease and peaceful, after visiting you leave a piece of your heart there forever. One of these cities – Batumi. City of generous sun and tender sea, the city of smiles, filled with the aroma of coffee and smoke from the barbecue, the fragrance of roses and the scent of Tangerines, eye-spoiling subtropical colors at any time of the year.

Night Batumi is not just beautiful, it is divinely beautiful! Millions of small and big lights of various colors, palm and cypress trees, stylized as night lights, glowing sculptures, old town, promenade - all this is so fantastic that delights and awe the soul of even the most experienced person. You can also always visit Batumi's Botanical Garden.


Botanical garden of Batumi

Among the botanical gardens of the world Batumi Botanical Garden is a real gem of a priceless collection of nature. Located 9 km north of Batumi, on the slopes of Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape).

Batumi Botanical Garden collected almost all the vegetable kingdom of subtropics and tropics (Garden collection consists of 2037 pieces of trees and plants). The garden consists of lower and upper parts, that are created in accordance with the geography of the countries of where the plants were collected.

Visitor enters from New Zealand to Himalayas, Australia, Japan, China and North and South America. You can go through 111 hectares of different gardens enjoying beautiful views of the Black Sea.

This is the most beautiful place in the world. Botanical Garden is also important in the sense that it was created to preserve the endemic fruit and berry species which are rare or threatened with extinction. There are no seasons without flowering plants in this botanical masterpiece.


Martvili Canyon is an amazing and mysterious place surrounded by rare relict forests, underground rivers, high cliffs. Canyon is located in Martvili on the Abasha River. This place is one of the brightest natural attraction of Georgia.

This place more than 200 million years. This is not only ancient but pristine nature and rich history. Traces of dinosaurs and ancient animals survived in fossilized rocks until today. Limestone - a sedimentary rock that forms in the seas, this means that many years ago there was sea which gradually drained and fabulous Martvili beautiful cliffs appeared. For a very long period of time rainwater and mountain rivers has made a great beauty which we now call the Martvili Canyons, that reach a height of over 45 meters, the bottom of which the river flows. We will take a boat trip, swim in a natural pool with crystal clear water.

Martvili Monastery dates back its history in the XVII century. It has repeatedly been attacked and restored each time he has repeatedly affirmed the historical significance of his people. The monastery was not only the abode of holy places (frescoes, dating from the XIV century.) but also a cultural center.

The monastery became the burial place of Dadiani dynasty that ruled until 1866, the residence which is located a few hundred meters away. The architecture and magnificent gardens are always pleasing its visitors with the enchanting beauty.

On the way we will visit old fortress Archeopolis, known from hellenic Argonauts. We will  enjoy hot mineral springs.  Water there has temperature 100 C and imixed into lovely tourquoise river. Nature around is absolutely wild and rich.

Also we will go to Prometheus caves. It is 1,5 km of fascinating view with stalactites, stalagmites and dungeon rivers and lakes.


Okatse River is flowing in the Khan municipality of Imereti region. Its is interesting because of two canyons that can be safely attributed to the number of natural attractions of western Georgia. The top of them (1,020 meters above sea level) stands a powerful waterfall with about 100 meters drop height (its so called - "Kinchha") forming a small lake from which the stream of water goes even lower, and second cascade (the height of about 20 meters) falls down in the neighborhood of the nearby village of Oued Kinchha.

This part of the canyon is remarkable by the fact that the local princes seems to have used places of natural waters that arises here for bathing, as evidenced by the following special stone buildings, which are located  in that part of the top of canyon, which is located 100 -150 meters above stepped waterfall, after which up to the largest waterfall stretches the most beautiful part of the canyon, as if carved from polished white stone.

A pile of rubble is visible close to a stepped waterfall, apparently taht served once as support for the already non-existent bridge, through which it was possible to cross the river. Upper Canyon place is relatively wild place, civilization barely seen here. In the lower canyons wonderfully picturesque road 2 km with viewing platforms is built. Excursion to Okatse is designed for those who enjoy long hikes.

On the way we will visit ancient church and old Kutaisi.

Next stop- Sataplia cave, where was found dinosaurs prints and remains!