We do organize different tours (for groups and individuals) throughout Georgia. Pick up from Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Vladikavkaz and plan the route for an unforgettable vacation, we already have some routes to offer and we are always ready to include some new points.

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2 days excursion


Svaneti is region of highest mountains of Georgia. As Georgians are saying: if havent seen Svaneti then you haven't seen Georgia. Famous Svan towers, the village Ushguli with its unique medieval architecture, included in the UNESCO heritage, beautiful Inguri ravine, Chazhasky castle and of course get familiar with the Svans - harsh, freedom-loving, but extremely hospitable people waiting for us on this journey.

Our route will pass first to the capital of Megrelia- the city of Zugdidi, where we will visit the ancestral palace of Megrelian Princes Dadiani – rulers of Megrelia. Will taste  local cuisine Mingrelian (considered by many the best in Georgia) and up the beautiful road along the Enguri ravine directly into the mountains.

When we will reach the mark of 1,500 meters, we will find ourselves in the main town of Svaneti - is a unique place with stunning views and architecture. Will spend the night there in a hotel, with mountain view and Svan's family dinner.

In the morning we will ride with SUVs and climb even higher into the mountains where Ushguli - highest mountain permanent settlement in Europe is waiting for us, it is located at altitude of 2200 meters. Thanks to Ushguli architectural ensemble, which is a valuable architectural and historical monument, Upper Svaneti was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

We will visit the temple Lamaria with its ancient frescoes and vthe city museum Chazhashi. We will ascend to the Chazhashsky castle, which in the past was the residence of Queen Tamara, and of course will enjoy the ancient architecture of Ushguli.


2 days excursion


Vardzia – city of Caves.

In the south-western part of Georgia (6 km from the border with Turkey) the cave city Vardzia is situated. This is one of the most significant monuments of ancient culture of Georgia. In many tens of meters on the bank of the Kura stretch sheer cliffs, in which numerous cultural and a secular facilities were carved.

Construction of this complex and monastery was started during the reign of George III (1156 - 1184) and completed in the reign of his daughter - Queen Tamara (Queen Tamar) (1184 - 1213).

Vardzia - is not just rooms that was randomly dug in a cliff cave. It is a true multi-storey complex with streets, tunnels and stairs leading past the monasteries, temples, fortresses, baths, libraries, residential buildings. In total more than 600 rooms connected by passages, which stretched along the mountain in length by 800 meters deep into the mountain by 50 meters and a height of thirteen floors.

Borjomi – Georgia's wellness resort.

Borjomi resort has gained fame worldwide thanks to its healing properties of mineral springs. Therapeutic water from Borjomi for centuries is famous for its effectivity to heal blood diseases, nervous system, abilty to clean the body and providing  miraculous effect on the skin and beauty, and to overall health, vitality and youthfulness. This resort is located in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and coniferous forests.