Georgia is a small country that is between the West and the East. It has the perfect nature - green mountains, pure rivers, blue lakes and the Black Sea on its coast. Georgia has a very old history. People here are very friendly and open. Georgian food and wine are very tasty. 


     Georgia is an ancient country where crafts and traditions are still kept alive.  Crafts like pottery, leather crafts, forging, woodwork, jewelry-making and enamel are still practiced. Now these crafts traditions are very rare and need to be saved, so we do from time to time we have craft workshops (in events). 


     Sustainable camping and tourism is being developed by the Mtirala National Park. Because of this, we have a road, water, and electricity access. The park is developing new hiking routes for multiple-day trips (for example, from Mtirala Park you can hike to Machahela Park and the Kintrishi Reserve).  Future plans include the establishment of a public pool. 


     Georgia is mostly covered with forests and industry is not developed here. That is why its nature is so pure and clean here! Mostly people do agriculture and tourism.  Food and wine is natural and tasty. La Belle Verte has a small farm for fruits and vegetables, сheese, and honey.


     In the surrounding mountains we collect healing herbs according to ancient wisdom. The subtropical forest near us has specific endemic flora—these only growing here.


 Thank you for coming here as a tourist! 

You will support the sustainability of the Mtirala Park, local farmers, and artisans. 



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